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concussion help

So last night I went on a run with my room mate, and I felt great the whole run! But after my head hurt really bad where I got hit a few weeks ago (which led me to have a concussion). I thought I was over it, but my head hurt so bad last night. After I slept I felt a lot better. 

Does anyone know when my head will stop being sore from getting hit in the head? It has been two weeks already! I wanna start working out again! Any ideas?

make me healthy.

Soooo, I have been so bad about updating lately. I have not been working out, my eating is not as good as it should be, I haven’t been sleeping good, and I’ve been drinking/partying way too much.


I should have learned my lesson when I got strep, but nope it took me three more weeks or being sick off and on to see that I need to start taking care of my body a bit better. Its hard when your in college, and u see all your friends drinking, eating shitty, not sleeping…you wanna do it too. So you do, but some people just can’t deal (aka ME). It sucks. I just have to realize that moderation is key. 

New Goals

-Take B12 vitamins reguarley, start taking fish oil (good for immune system)

-Drink ONLY twice a week (if that)

-Start Eating Better Again

-Work out MORE! (even if its for half an hour) 


I am 160 lbs right now. But I think its cause I was sick all week. My norm has been 162-163 which I am happy with. I was hoping to be at 150 by summer, but due to my recent neglect of my body, its gonna take a while to get back in the system again. Hopefully I can be 150 by the start of next school year :)

well thats all the update for now. =)

pray for me to get better, and stay healthy! 

still off the grind

Been sick for two weeks, and literally have been doing nothing but homework and sleeping. First week I had strep, and now I have a really bad cough. Deep and scary like. Im holding steady at 163lbs :) So I can’t complain. 

Tomorrow starts an adventure for me 

back on the grind…

Well i’m feeling better this week, so hopefully I will be able to work out again. I have this crazy-ass rash though right now, so I am going to get that checked out. Probably will have to be on steroids. 

Need to study now :/ Had a great weekend though

down for the count

last night had a fever of 102. This morning it is about 100. That means no class for me just rest. I am missing a lab and a class that I only have once a week :(. I have a test in that class next week too. Guess I’ll be teaching myself about the male anatomy. 

Im going to health services at 11:45. Hopefully they will give me an antibiotic before I get worse. I haven’t had a fever since Junior Year of high school. Its weird. But last time I did I was really sick, so I don’t want to get that way again. 

My weight is down to 163 cause Im not hungry when I’m sick. I wish it was normally like that, but when I start to feel better its probably going to go back up a little :/

paying the price

well what a damn weekend it was! Thursday was the last time I worked out though :( Thursday night I wanted to go out, but I couldn’t find a place so me and my room mates Amanda and Annie drank some brew. I got drunk and after jersey shore, my friend came over and we chatted for a while. In the morning went to class, and as soon as class was over Maddie, Jane and I started day drinking because it was so beautiful out. I drank from 2pm until 2am. Me and all my girls went to the dinning hall drunk and it was so much fun! Then we all chilled until 10ish. I got back to my house and hung with my roomies and my friend came over around 10:30. We played bay rout (pong) and chatted/drank until 3am. The next morning I woke up and hung with Sam all day, cleaned my house, got the keg then got ready. at 9:30 everyone came over to the party at my house. It was so much fun. So many people came, and all said they had such a great time. It made me so happy, cause I was really nervous! the keg kicked around 12:30 and some people stuck around and hung out, but I went to bed. Talked on the phone for hour and a half before I past out. Today I woke up shitty as hell. I felt hung over, and I was so out of it. My throat and ears hurt and I was congested. I locked myself out of my room. That sucked. But when I woke up from my nap I felt really bad, and I figured out I have a fever. I think Im fighting the flu right now. So that means I couldnt work out today and probably shouldnt for a while. Probably shouldn’t drink/party for a while either. Even after all my partying this weekend I still weigh 166. Pumped. Just pissed I am sick now. Deff paying the price. Also, I think my camera got stolen. Shit. 


been crazy this week…

haven’t had time to write


but doing okay :)


So all my friends have been telling me I look really good and skinny, and toned and SEXY. Im so excited. It feels good to be getting those compliments and its really helping my confidence. Makes me want to keep on doing what I am doing. I am so proud of myself :) 

So today I hopped on the scale…saw some numbers I haven’t seen in a while 166 :) holy shit! I am so pumped. I am going to be on cloud 9 all day! I have a feeling once I get to 164, the weight it gonna shed a lot slower. 164 was my weight before I gained 20 pounds, and I was pretty constant at that weight. But then again, I barley worked out and I drank a lot when I was 164. So we will see what I can do.

Believe in yourself, you can do anything


can’t stay away…

Jillian Michaels was calling me today to do her workout. I did level 1 of the thirty day shred. Im already sore! Didn’t really help my hang over too much, but a good nights sleep should make me feel a lot better. I think im just really dehydrated. OH WELL. 

It has been an amazing last couple days. A little too much drinking, but sometimes you gotta let lose. I really need to catch up more on my homework. My first tests are coming up soon. UGH